Chuck Todd suffers career setback during MSNBC shakeup

Meet the Press NOW debuted on NBC News NOW, NBC News’ 24/7 live streaming network. The program concluded with NBC News political director and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd stating:


“I want to take a moment to remind people of our mission here: to share with you what you need to know about what’s happening in Washington and in American politics, and most importantly, explaining why it happened, and why it matters to you. We cover politics as it is. It’s a mission that’s more important than ever in these increasingly divisive times.

I’ve always been a big believer in finding new ways to reach new audiences. So we know where you are. And putting Meet the Press on NBC News NOW, five days a week, is at the forefront of where we want to be in streaming news. It was a no-brainer.

We know you are here because you’re simply looking for smart, honest news and analysis. That’s all. Which has been, and always will be the driving force behind Meet the Press.

Available for free on more than a dozen platforms, the NBC News NOW is making Meet the Press’ world-leading reporting and analysis even more accessible than before. The launch also marks one of the largest investments to date for NBC News NOW, the fastest-growing 24-hour news network in the US. On June 6th, they featured an interview with the Senator Chris Murphy in the wake of the mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa.”

And it was not limited to the daily show. Meet the Press has also launched a comprehensive package of updates to its digital platforms, which consisted on the launch of a new blog, website and “First Read” newsletter. The show will also kick off with a new audio program, as reported by Daily Caller.

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Todd is considered as one of the first broadcast anchors to invest in streaming as a way to reach more viewers. Todd’s Meet the Press NOW has been added to his long list of existing streaming successes. Meet the Press Reports, an in-depth weekly show, has just recently completed its fourth season, Todd and NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Kristen Welker presented several nights of live, prime-time coverage of the election on Meet the Press: Election Night Special, exclusively on NBC News NOW.

Additionally, NBC News NOW is introducing a new show featuring NBC News correspondent Aaron Gilchrist and has added investigative and mainstream correspondent Vicky Nguyen to its lineup this week. NBC News NOW is available on a 24/7 basis and delivers more live hours than any other streaming news network.

The chairman of NBCUniversal News Group, Cesar Conde, boasts several industry-leading streaming news portfolios. It includes not only NBC News NOW but also TODAY All Day and the MSNBC hub on Peacock. NBC News NOW remains free and accessible on many platforms. The ad-supported network is financially viable and recorded its best quarter ever in Q1 2022, with almost 100 million hours of streaming.

Meanwhile, Joy Reid is suffering some terrible stats and is at risk of losing her show.


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