Byberry news website was started by Frank Bojazi in 2020.  Byberry focuses primarily on news and politics with a little bit extra coming out of the Philadelphia region. The website was originally focused on Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia, but that was back in the early 2000’s.

Frank owns and operates the site, which receives no funding and generates revenue from display advertising. There are no conflicts of interest in this ownership or management. This site is not affiliated with any political groups, other groups, and receives zero funding from outside sources. Byberry is a self-funded project.

There is no true political preference in the articles as we strive to stick to the story and focus on the facts. There may be some opinions or commentary listed in sports, entertainment, or gaming articles as the author may give their perspective on something in that category. Any commentary about current events or news will be in the appropriate category.

Byberry makes every attempt to get the story correct and will make corrections as needed.

Byberry generates revenue through display advertising through companies such as Google Adsense, Decide.co, GoldCo, and e-commerce sales of merchandise, which is sold directly from the company that Frank works for as a webmaster.