Based on a number of social media posts, MSNBC plans to terminate the low-rated show of Joy Reid this spring.
An unidentified source connected to Jon Nicosia, an ex-editor at Mediaite, spread the word about Reid’s loss of her 7 p.m. show, according to Nicosia. The decision, claims the source, has already been taken.

Nicosia feels that the situation is similar to one with Chris Cuomo at CNN. Reid has supporters at Comcast, but she is now widely seen as unmanageable. Like Cuomo, the allies have realized that she hasn’t been very honest about the past incidents.

Following the report, Twitter was instantly flooded with comments.

Tim Young, a SiriusXM radio host and Washington Times columnist, reacted with an amusing post, saying that all six of Joe Reid’s followers were “devastated” by the decision, while others clearly thought that Chris Hayes should have been the first to go.

Twitter users predict that Reid will soon start stating that she was fired because of racism.

The cancellation of Joy-Ann Reid’s show, which premiered in the top spot in the ratings on July 20, 2020, would be a plausible reason. Last year, “The ReidOut” ranked 16th among all cable news shows, with 1.44 million viewers on average, but Reid has lost 56% of her audience since January. Reid’s show, which airs at 7 p.m., is consistently outperformed by Ari Melber’s 6 p.m. show and Nicolle Wallace’s “Deadline: White House.

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