Liz Eselius-Naporano decided to buy a Tesla car some time ago. Now, she wants to share her exciting story with the rest of the world. As a Tesla owner, she has discovered a few of its advantages and disadvantages, particularly when it comes to battery charging and gas money. Here’s how it all went down.

Eselius-Naporano and her son were out shopping. They were on their way to the mall to buy some clothes when they decided to stop by a Tesla dealership. The woman purchased a Tesla Y model because her son is a fan of Elon Musk. She wasn’t sure if she had made a good choice.

It was clear from the start that Tesla was an excellent choice for anyone who enjoyed driving a comfortable vehicle. She chose a white interior to match the exterior, giving the car a sleek appearance. The model has a Toybox tech menu that displays all electronics features, as well as an app that displays the location of her children as well as the speed at which they are driving.

She stated that she was never a big fan of cars. All she wished for was an environmentally friendly, gas-free vehicle. However, she admits that driving a Tesla is a pleasurable experience.

The woman, on the other hand, explains that the car has some disadvantages when compared to standard vehicles. She wanted to go see a friend in South Carolina. She abandoned the idea after becoming concerned about traveling such a long distance in a Tesla. She realized she needed to stop to charge the battery, which would have added hours to her trip according to Business Insider.

Eselius-Naporano eventually took a gas car. A Tesla, in her opinion, is not a good choice for road trips. She explains that the battery does not perform well in Michigan due to the cold and that battery life is dependent on how fast you drive. Her model has a range of slightly more than 300 miles, but she has never tested it because she is afraid of having a dead battery in the middle of nowhere.

Because the outlet box was in the farthest corner of her basement, she made the decision to install a 220-volt charger in her garage, which was a significant expense. The cost was $1,800. She explains that charging the battery in and around Detroit is not a problem. Michigan has a Supercharger, which makes things much easier.

She ends by expressing that she would advise her younger self to purchase another Tesla and that she will likely do so in the future. Hopefully, she won’t have to worry about road trips in ten years. She expects the world to become better equipped to handle all the cars.

Furthermore, Eselius-Naporano claims that Tesla is great for gas savings. She is confident that her vehicle will help her save a significant amount of money on gas.

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