US Air National Guard Colby Boltz was not able to come home due to the pandemic that delayed his homecoming by 60 days. The 26-year-old National Guardsman stationed in Asia was expected to go home for his 22-year-old wife Paige’s childbirth. However, the New York Post reports that Boltz did not give up easily. Instead, he chose to watch the birth of his child through FaceTime.

The couple received the news that Boltz won’t be able to come home two weeks before their child arrived. Paige, who is a nurse, was scared. The thought of not having anyone with her in the delivery room was terrifying.

The Virginia-based nonprofit United Service Organization deserves some credit in making this plan come to life. This group aims to support US military members and their relatives. Boltz collaborated with USO in setting up a special room. Paige told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that they set Boltz in a place with good WiFi. For Paige, it was what they wanted to do.

The timing was right with the WiFi setup working well, allowing Boltz to see his daughter being born. Paige’s sister took Boltz’s place in the delivery room, providing support. On April 8, Baby Stella Rosalee Boltz was born at Hershey Medical Center. In the interview, Paige was ecstatic, saying, “Luckily, it worked, and we just FaceTimed. He didn’t say much, but he cried when he heard [Stella]. I felt like that was it, that’s my moment.”

Boltz is “incredibly thankful” for the USO’s interference. In his statement, he told GMA, “Because of them, I was able to support my wife while making the distance seem not so far.” As of the moment, Paige and Stella are now at home. They are still in contact with Boltz and is hoping that he will be able to come home in June. Once again, the couple thanked the USO for helping them out. Until now, Paige tears up whenever she talks about it.

Despite seeing the birth of his daughter, Boltz still wants to hold baby Stella in his arms and is looking forward to doing so in June.

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