WATCH: Woman climbs out of Amazon delivery van, appears to do walk of shame

Not sure what they were delivering, but I am pretty sure seeing a full-grown adult woman hop out the back of an Amazon delivery van isn’t exactly normal. Neither of them are identifiable from the video, but that didn’t stop the questions and mockery from flowing on social media.


After the “pee-bottle” scandal that rocked Amazon, seeing them accused of not giving their workers enough time to take a bathroom break, that the drivers were urinating in empty bottles, this video below has to take the cake.



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The video was first seen on TikTok when it was posted by user @patrickhook01 (follow him on that link!) and has gotten almost a million LIKES in just two days. The video shows what appears to be an Amazon delivery van parked in the middle of a street and the back door pops open.

It looks like a male is letting a woman out the back of the truck and this is where people start getting concerned.

Was she kidnapped? Was she a prostitute? Did she need a ride somewhere? What exactly was going on in the back of that truck and did any of it get on the packages set for delivery that day? Was she doing the walk of shame?

Either way, the Internet had a fun time with this one making all sorts of assumptions and there is no lack of imagination on social media, that’s for sure.

There’s one thing for certain, we need answers!!

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