Vudu is one of the most in-demand video service on The digital service has reached more than 100 million living room devices in the United States. Vudu is compatible with Windows 20 and Mac computers, along with iOS and Android mobile devices. Not only that, but Vudu is used on smart TVs and other streaming devices. The mobile app version has been installed more than 14.5 times, so it is not a surprise that companies would want to buy it.

The movie ticketing company Fandango is going to purchase the video streaming device for an undisclosed sum, as reported by Tech Crunch.

Part of their agreement allows Vudu to still be available on A representative of Walmart said that Vudu users would be provided with uninterrupted access to their Vudu library. Users don’t have anything to fear as they can still use Walmart’s login and wallet for in-app purchases.

Recently, Fandango is having problems with its streaming business FandangoNOW. Fandango’s streaming is not as strong as that of its competitors. That is where Vudu comes in. They believe that Vudu will allow it to scale both streaming and digital ticketing operations. Once the deal closes, the company plans to make offers to the majority of the Vudu team. A Fandango spokesperson told Tech Crunch, “For us, it’s a combination of scale for our on-demand streaming service and the addition of Vudu talent.” He acknowledged Vudu’s strong brand presence, customer base, and quality. At the time being, both Fandango NOW and Vudu will operate. The company focuses on the transition. Their utmost priority is to make sure that Vudu customers are taken care of

In the past, Walmart was interested in an online movie purchase and rental marketplace. However, their interest has dwindled recently. The competition has been stiff lately. Tech Crunch reports that WarnerMedia is preparing for HBO Max; WNBCU launched Peacock; Apple TV+ and Disney+ is now gaining subscribers and traction. TV and Video, such as Viacom and CBS’ merge in late 2019 powers CBS All Acess streaming service. Viacom also purchased, a free service site.

Vudu remains strong in the competition, as they are recently preparing to release original content. New shoppable ads, all powered by technology, can be found. This is the product of their joint venture with the interactive content startup Eko.

Fandango did not comment on Vudu’s future role in ad tech or original content. The Walmart spokesperson reassured that they are invested in bringing digital and physical capabilities to provide better service for their customers. They will invest in areas of Vudu’s strength and stated that they are in the best position to serve their customers. By providing more choices and alleviating convenience, they focus on Omni-retail experiences and actively prioritizing investments. Walmart predicts that the Fandango acquisition will close in the months ahead.

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