A recent report explains how an Arkansas waitress was fired after she refused to split a large tip of $4,400, but the restaurant declines it was for that reason specifically.

While working at the Oven & Trap, she received a large tip of $4,400 and was told by management, allegedly, to split the tip with other staffers and she declined. It appears in the video that the tip was just for the people who waited on the table, not the rest of the workers.

A couple of hours later, she was fired because she refused to share the tip with her colleagues.

Another waitress and the fortunate lady attended a table of 44 employees, and one of the clients gave her a mind-blowing tip after the meal.

The video captures the moment when the owner of a real estate agency, Gran Wise, tips Ryan Brandt. However, it seems like he never said that she needed to share the tip with others.

Brandt told her boss everything about the matter. He decided that she should keep only 20% of the money and split the remainder. When Wise learned of the unexpected decision, he demanded his money back. Determined to tip Brandt, he gave her the money once again, but this time in private. Brandt was dismissed a few days later by Oven & Tap, who claimed it had nothing to do with the tip.

The man then started a campaign to help raise money for the woman who was fired.

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