According to new evidence, a photo of Jeffrey Epstein kissing his ‘partner’ Ghislaine Maxwell was displayed in his Florida mansion.
The evidence also shows an inside look at Epstein’s creepy Manhattan townhouse.

Special Agent Kelly Maguire said that, after no one answered the door, her team “forced entry” into 9 E. 71st St. on July 6, 2019, and then searched through all 40 rooms.

They found creepy taxidermy animals and a really bizarre painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress. They also found several uncovered plastic bins that contained hard drives, which were already covered in evidence tape, Maguire said.

But when asked, he said that he have no personal knowledge of why there was evidence tape on those boxes.

A safe stashed inside a closet, which looked like a dressing room, was also found in the mansion investigation on the third floor, which they opened by using a saw. Inside the safe, they found jewelry, external hard drives, passports, lots of US cash and loose diamonds.

There were also numbers of CDs in some binders, but in order to seize them, authorities needed another warrant.
So they came back the next day, but all the items inside the safe had disappeared.

Maguire then called Richard Kahn, now the co-executor of Epstein’s estate, and one of the offender’s attorneys, Andrew Tomback, to say that she had a warrant for those items, and in about 30 minutes, Kahn brought them all back in two suitcases.

Some of the CDs contained very horrible content, with “hand-written labels including the following titles: ‘Young [Name] + [Name],’ ‘Misc nudes 1,’ and ‘Girl pics n*de,’” as per the court papers filed in Epstein’s case.

Even more CDs were found later inside a room on the fifth floor, in the bottom of a drawer of a dresser.

A massage room with heavy pink curtains and a massage table covered in a blanket and a white sheet was also discovered on the third floor by the agents.

FBI analyst Kimberly Meder, went through all the photos and said that some of them were of Epstein and Maxwell together, including one of her in a skimpy top, rubbing his feet aboard a plane.

Epstein’s Palm Beach house was bought for $18.5 million by Developer Todd Michael Glaser, and the home was demolished.
While his townhouse in Manhattan was sold for $51 million to former Goldman Sachs executive Michael D. Daffey, who is currently undertaking a physical and spiritual rehabilitation of the mansion.

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