Vegas cops make terrifying discovery during an arrest on completely unrelated charges

According to KLAS, a 57-year-old man, Eric Holland, was tased by officers on Thursday after trying to run away from them. The situation took place during a traffic stop in the vicinity of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.


After arresting him, the Las Vegas police officers went on to search his truck. Shockingly, they found a severed human head in his vehicle. According to recent reports before the gruesome discovery, Holland was chased by the police on unrelated crimes, including embezzlement of a vehicle and vehicle theft in 2019.

According to KLAS, Holland’s truck bed had massive coolers on it that investigators discovered had human remains, along with a severed human head. The suspect failed to show up for a planned court hearing on Christmas Day. He will appear in court on Monday again, where he will face charges for open murder.

The human remains are still unidentified.

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