Tesla’s Fremont factory received approval to resume its operations this week. The tension between Tesla and Alameda County has finally deescalated, as reported by theĀ San Francisco Chronicles. At the start of May, Tesla sued Alameda County after they barred the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto to continue their operations after closing down due to the pandemic.

According to the letter from Laurie Shelby, Tesla’s Vice President for Environmental, Health, and Safety, the factory presented a health and safety plan. Alameda County’s interim health officer later approved this plan, but not before having its authorities touring the facility last week. The Chronicle was able to obtain the letter, with Shelby saying, “We have local support to get back to full production at the factory starting this upcoming week. We’re excited to continue to get back to work.”

Alameda has a current shelter-in-place order that does not allow factories, warehouses, or manufacturing plants to operate. Hence the publicized Twitter war with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

Earlier, the State of California gave Tesla a signal to restart operations. However, Alameda County overrode this decision. In his tweet, Musk said that it was an unelected county official who illegally overrode. Tesla is the only auto company singled out, hence the Twitter and legal suit against Alameda.

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The Fremont plant, which has over 11,000 workers, were given a company letter telling them to perform self-health checks before reporting. If they are sick, they will have to stay at home.

Gov. Gavin Newsom commented on this matter, saying, “My belief and hope and expectation is as early as next week, they will be able to resume.” Tesla wins again.

In the early days of Tesla against Alameda County, Musk spoke of relocating the headquarters to Texas. There is still talk as to whether or not having a factory in Texas will make the state remove the ban on driving electric vehicles.