Suspect evading police stabs K-9 dog, gets taught a hard lesson

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office has reported that Gabriel Mata, 27, is the man responsible for stabbing a K-9 dog several times while he was trying to evade police.


Cops were called to a location in Fresno County on Sunday in attempt to arrest a suspect wanted for several violent felonies that included weapons charges and domestic abuse.

The suspect took off running and the K-9 dog went after him. The dog caught up to him, took him down, and then was stabbed multiple times by the suspect.

The police officers then shot the man, but the report says they’re still not sure how many rounds hit the suspect. Report also stated that, at that time, the suspect was still alive and being treated. The dog was undergoing medical procedures and expected to recover.

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Lt. Brandon Pursell issued comments, saying the shooting was preventable because the suspect could have simply given up, but chose not to.

“This was absolutely preventable. This suspect made a choice to stab this dog. If he would’ve just given up, none of this would have happened. He had every opportunity to give up. He could have turned himself in, he didn’t have to run, and he for sure didn’t have to stab our dog.”

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