Russian model insulted Putin and went missing a year ago, found dead in a suitcase

Gretta Vedler, a 23-year-old Russian model who named Vladimir Putin a “psychopath” on social media, was discovered dead and packed inside a bag, according to a report.


Vedler vanished a year ago, shortly after her anti-Putin social media tirade, but the two incidents do not appear to be linked.

Dmitry Korovin, the model’s boyfriend, confessed to choking Vedler to death before taking her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and putting her body in the boot of a car, according to the Daily Star.

Korovin told authorities that he slept in the same hotel room with his girlfriend’s dead body for three days, which he later packed in a recently purchased suitcase. The man then placed her body in the trunk for a year while continuing to post content on her social media accounts to appear as if Vedler that she was still alive, report said.

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In January 2021, Vedler expressed concern over Putin’s crackdown on protesters and his desire to strengthen Russia’s integrity.

According to The Mirror, the late-model described Putin as a psychopath and a sociopath who constantly strived for the feeling of fullness and sharpness in life, highlighting that such people enjoyed taking risks, engaging in strong conversation, and living a dynamic life.

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