The Police were right when they sang, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me!” According to recent reports coming out of Philly, if you’re caught outside not social distancing, well then you might catch a $100 fine! The police are now allowed to issue citations and a ticket/fine up to $100 if you’re outside breaking the stay-at-home order and standing a little too close to each other.

Pennsylvania is currently under a stay-at-home order by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf. This means anyone who isn’t considered an essential worker, or isn’t doing something they think is essential, like shopping for groceries, going to the doctor, or even exercising – are subject to these fines. So basically, if you’re outside just hanging out, the cop can ticket you if they wish.

However, that does not mean the police WILL ticket you. So what this also means, theoretically, is just don’t go outside in big groups and hang on the corner shooting dice or playing tackle football in the streets. Stay home, play video games, watch Tiger King, and relax as best as you can.

This ticket really targets people gathering in groups outside, as group activities will likely prohibit people to keep their safe six-feet distance.

And now, for your enjoyment during this bizarre time of social distancing and quarantines, I give you The Police:

And for anyone hanging out outside, this is for you:

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