President Joe Biden has signed the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act into law on Monday. The new law states that members of the military cannot be dishonorably discharged from the Army for refusing to get the COVID 19 vaccine. The options for discharge are to make it honorable or general but under honorable conditions.

The Marine Corps revealed on Thursday that additional troops had been discharged for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine. The overall number of discharges increased to 206 this week, up from 169 the week before.

Overall, 95% of active-duty Marines have gotten the very first vaccine dose at least, while 86% of Reserve Marines have received the first injection.

The service received 3,247 requests for religious exemptions, of which 3,115 were processed, and zero were granted. There are 1,007 administrative or medical exemptions in the Marine Corps.

The Air Force has dismissed 27 airmen, while the Army and Navy are deferring discharges of soldiers and sailors who refused the vaccine until January. More than 10,000 religious accommodation requests for the Covid-19 vaccine were received by the Air Force and Space Force, with 2,100 of them being denied.

Overall, 95% of airmen and guardians have been vaccinated, while the Army claims that 98 percent of its active-duty force has received one shot at least. The Navy declares that almost every sailor has received the first dosage.

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