Marine vet who stopped armed suspect receives award valor award

The Arizona Marine veteran who stopped an armed robbery suspect bare-handed has received a valor award for his actions that lead to at least one arrest with two other suspects being sought by police.


The incident took place at a Yuma gas station convenience store when one armed suspect walked in and Marine veteran James Kilcer acted almost immediately, disarming the man and taking him down, while the other two suspects fled the scene.

Kilcer detained the man until police arrived and took over. Police asked Kilcer what happened and part of his statement, about taking out the perpetrator, was that “the Marine Corps taught me not to [mess] around.”

Kilcer has received the valor award for “for extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage while voluntarily coming to the aid of another citizen during an incident involving criminal activity at extreme, life threatening, personal risk in an attempt to save or protect human life,” as reported on Fox 10 Phoenix.

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Here’s the video:


And here is the video of the incident that took place in Yuma, which lead to Kilcer receiving the valor award.



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