Suspect caught smashing church door with huge rock as woman prayed inside, then spray painting employee in the face

A suspect described as a 31-year-old male was arrested for allegedly throwing rocks at a church, smashing doors, spray painting on a Catholic church in Bellevue, Washington.


Matthew Smith of Fox13 wrote: “Video of 31-year-old man smashing a door while a woman inside was worshiping — you can see some confrontation. He eventually graffiti’d multiple spots, smashed another door and threw a rock/spray painted an employee.


He was seen on camera throwing a rock at the door, smashing it, then kicking and punching glass until it breaks. This was all while a woman was inside praying inside the church. She reportedly tried to talk to him, but then locked herself in when she became frightened. The suspect was then spray painting the church at that point.

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Soon after, an employee got involved and managed to chase him off, but the suspect threw a rock and spray painted the employee on the face before running away.

At least one entry point of the church was destroyed, another door was shattered, and there was spray paint all over the exterior of the church. Some of the messages said “liar,” to “religion of hate” and “go to your fake Hell.”

FOX13 added: “Father Gary Zender told FOX 13 that the hardest part was seeing damage to a small statue that the graduating class of 2020 had donated to the school. He noted that it was meaningful because it was harkened back to a prayer about how Mother Mary can “unknot” our issues – ironic, as he noted anyone attacking his church must have their own wounds.

“When I try to look at the person and their wounds – that helps me to step back and say ‘I have some wounds too,’” said Zender. “So, there’s a human connection there, as well as a spiritual one.”

Zender said his main goal in the moment was to make sure his employee that was attacked is okay, and then the repair of the physical damage can take place.”

It remains unclear if the suspect’s crimes are linked to the recent Roe v. Wade overturn by the United States Supreme Court.

Photo: video screencap

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