‘Little Adam Kinzinger’ Doxxes Former Air Force Pilot After He Got His Feelings Hurt

Retiring GOP lawmaker Adam Kinzinger appears to have engaged in a personal act of retribution against a fellow former Air Force pilot the Illinois lawmaker and Jan. 6 Committee member flew with in Iraq.


“So we have a member on here who was partly responsible for the former President of the United States residence being stormed by the FBI today. I say f*** that anti-American POS [Rep. Kinzinger]. I wish I never met him or flew with him. He is a disgrace to this country and this group,” Jeff Suran noted in a private chat group, according to BizPac Review.

“This guy, Jeff Suran, was my copilot in Iraq and now an airline pilot. He has allegiance to Trump over his oath to the constitution,” Kinzinger noted on Twitter in a post that included a screenshot that was taken from the private Facebook group.

Kinzinger appears to have deleted the tweet afterward, but not before his doxxing of his former Air Force teammate led to widespread condemnation online.

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National Review’s Isaac Schorr wrote, “This is an *insane* thing for a congressman to tweet.”

IMGE content manager Beth Baumann blasted: “A sitting member of Congress takes to Twitter to bitch about a former colleague bitching about him. This is high school-level drama. Work it out in private.”

Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross tweeted, “Why are you airing something a regular Joe Blow posted in a private group out in public [sic]?”

Contributing Editor at The Spectator, Stephen Miller, asked, “Why is a member of congress using his social media following to blow up a private citizen?”

One commenter named Jeff Bachman described Kinzinger this way: “Adam Kinzinger is literally the rage crying meme as a person.”

RN Gina Strickland stuck up for Suran, writing, “I know Jeff. He’s a patriot and far more a man than whiney Kinzinger.”

Twitter user Manuel Vidal also blasted Kinzinger for outing the pilot: “1) It was a group chat. Not public. Doesn’t mention Adam’s actual name. 2) Absolutely no need for Adam to make this public and Dox his full name. 3) Read the comments. Nothing but punk bitch fake tough Lib scumbags calling for the airline he works for to fire him. So Gross.”

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