Hot Dog eating champ TAKES OUT protester on way to record 15th victory

Joey Chestnut seized the throne of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest once more, winning his now 15th victory which set the record as the most won ever at the yearly 4th of July competition – regardless of him having to choke out a protester during the event. Cramming down 63 hot dogs in just 10 minutes was nothing that happened last year when the 37-year-old managed to gobble down 76. Geoffrey Esper was the only one who got close but not quite eating 20 hot dogs less.




Chestnut’s jubilant performance was briefly interrupted by an animal rights protestor who rushed on stage as he was chugging down hot dogs. The confusing commotion was short since the hot dog eating champion managed to grab the interloper by the neck and slam him down as he was escorted off the stage by the official bodies.

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During his official weigh-in, he showed up on crutches due to a tendon injury that required him to wear a medical boot as he was competing.

This was also the first time after 2019 that the hot dog eating competition was held at its regular location, the original Nathan’s at Surf Avenue and Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

With this victory, Chestnut clinched his 15th at the competition. The former California resident managed to win all but one Nathan’s contests dating all the way to 2006. This makes him the No.1 ranked hot dog eater in the world of competitive eaters by Major League Eating.

Recently, an 8-time champion Miki Sudo won the contest in the women’s category. Daphne, 26, a Brownsville, Brooklyn resident mentions, “It’s been a tradition in my family to come here every Fourth of July, so here we are.”

Joe Manny, 32, a local supporter of the event had no expectations that the event would ever return to “normal.” “I would always come to Coney Island every Fourth of July for this competition, so being back in person as we emerge from the pandemic feels great because I didn’t think the world would get back to normal,” Joe mentions.

Die-hard fans have expressed excitement that the event has been returned to its original location for this year’s competition.

Photo: screencap of YouTube video.

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