Knock knock! It’s me, the hoagie expert. This week is the turkey hoagie and I whipped it up myself in like 7 minutes. It was 110% better than Wawa and any hoagie shop in town because I didn’t have to leave my house and go in public, risk getting bed bugs by some straggler bumping into me asking for change, walk through some smoker’s puffs, and I could do all the emotional eating in private.

So guess what’s on this!

American cheese.


Garlic salad dressing from Shop-rite, in the green bottle.


Tomatoes and these belong under the lettuce so they don’t fall off.


Miracle Whip because I ain’t going full mayo like a heifer.

Before you layer it on like a mason, first you must dig out the roll. Dig all those extra carbs out so your roll is much thinner and you can stuff the roll with more of the good bits.

Trust me – there is no corner deli that can beat your own homemade hoagie.

Try it and send me your pics!

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