Bet you didn’t expect to see Halo on Sports Center’s Facebook page, but here it is. Maybe they’re super bored with the lack of sports going on thanks to the you know what. Either way, when we were browsing FB for some sports, whatever there is these days, they had this Halo clip and I got all excited.

The video is titled “Throwback Halo snipe clip” and it features the map Hang’em High from Halo CE. At first glance, you might not notice the first move the player makes because you’re looking in the distance to see who gets sniped.

Then you see the headshot and think, OK, it wasn’t really that good. What’s so good about this? Nothing, right? Most of us could snipe on Hang’em High with our eyes closed and playing with our toes. And if you really want to be old school, we had REAL LAG back in the day on our much slower connections.

But here we are, seeing a snipe clip on Sports Center, and thinking it was boring.

That was where many of us went wrong.

Watch the clip a second time and you’ll see an old school classic move. The player doesn’t actually have the sniper rifle yet. He throws a grenade to the lower level and ‘nades it up to himself. Tricky, cool, and awesome at the same time.

Now here’s where it gets smooth. The nade pops the sniper up almost right into his hands and he goes into a headshot all in one slick motion. That’s what made the clip kinda cool.


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