Merry Christmas to anyone looking for a mysterious gingerbread monolith to mysteriously appear, because that’s exactly what happened in Corona Heights Park in San Francisco.

Instead of it being a messy creation put together by family and friends, this one is gigantic and probably edible, but not exactly suggested because it’s been sitting outside for a while collecting dust and dirt on the icing and gooey gumdrops.

The gingerbread monolith continues the craze of the mysterious monoliths that have been appearing in random locations across the globe, sparking hilarious conversations and random thoughts of “who done it.”

Josh Ackerman was lucky to see it in person and post photographs:

Mysterious monoliths have appeared in other locations such as Utah and all the way over in Romania, leaving people scratching their heads and wondering where they came from and who or how they were placed without anyone seeing it happen.

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