District Attorney responds to Georgia Guidestones Explosion, has warning for suspects at large

A Georgia district attorney has officially responded to the explosion that caused the eventual destruction of the Georgia Guidestones. It was Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White who referred to it as “an act of domestic terrorism” and said he will prosecute anyone who was involved in the alleged bombing.


The Georgia Guidestones were bombed on Wednesday, around 4 in the morning, and then a destruction crew had to dismantle the rest of it due to safety concerns. The Guidestones are just a random bunch of monolith granite panels about 90 miles to the east of Atlanta. It seems like people on social media were mocking the Georgia Guidestones more than anything, but if anyone was nearby when they were bombed, then they could have been injured – or worse.

Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White posted the following on Facebook:

“Regardless of your feelings about the origin of the Guide Stones, their meaning, or the intention of the person who commissioned and erected them, they are a historical landmark, and this destructive act was an assault upon our community. Detonating a massive explosive device capable of shattering a granite tablet in an area surrounded by residences is a criminal act which placed many people in peril of serious injury. The perpetrator of this act will be found and prosecuted.

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The Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 16-7-88 proscribes using explosive devices to destroy public buildings. The Guide Stones are officially owned by the governing authority of Elbert County, and any structure open to the public and owned by a subdivision of the state is considered a public building.

The penalty for destroying any public building by explosive is a minimum of 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

The GBI already has many leads, and the case is being made against the perpetrator. If you have any information that could further this investigation, please contact the Georgia Bureau of investigation, Region 11, at 706-552-2309.

The District Attorney’s Office thanks anyone willing to come forward and help successfully prosecute this act of domestic terrorism.”

As of now, there are no suspects but a van was seen on video leaving the area shortly after the explosion. Investigations on that vehicle are underway.

The GA Bureau of Investigation wrote the following on social media: “(1/3) The GBI is releasing surveillance video from this morning’s explosion that destroyed the Georgia Guidestones. (2/3) The videos show the explosion and a car leaving the scene shortly after the explosion.  No one was injured. (3/3) For safety reasons, the structure has been completely demolished.

Photo: screencap from White’s Facebook post.

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