Gas station’s only employee quits, leaves handwritten note on the door explaining why

The only employee left working at this Pittsburgh, PA gas station has now quit and left a note on the door explaining why. The gas station, a GetGo located in Moon Township, was temporarily closed since that was the only employee.

According to the sole employee’s note left on the door, accusing the people in that town of treating the workers so poorly that it’s making people quit their jobs.

The employee’s note said specifically: “Closed because the people of Moon Township treat our employees horribly!!! and ran off the staff.”

It remains unclear what exactly happened that caused the remaining employee to finally quit, leaving the store closed for at least an hour on Tuesday in the AM hours.

Jim Sweeney, GetGo’s spokesperson, released a statement partially disputing the employee’s claim about the customers. Sweeney said: “The store was closed after a team member — the sole team member working in the GetGo at the time — had a negative experience with a guest. During the brief closure, the team member involved posted a handwritten sign in a store window making inaccurate claims about treatment by guests.”

CBS Local reported an estimated 4.4 million people had quit their job in September. One might call this the ‘Great Resignation.’