Philadelphia has become so bad under Democrat leadership, that a 14-year-old boy shot and killed Tiffany Fletcher at Mill Creek Recreation Center and has been charged with murder. Tiffany Fletcher was a city employee and mother of three.

16th District officers were called to the 4700 block of Brown Street Friday afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m. following a report of a shooting, officials say. The woman, who was identified by Mayor Kenney as Tiffany Fletcher, was found by officers unresponsive in the park at the recreation center sustaining two gunshot wounds. The authorities say that the victim was an employee of Mill Creek Rec Center and was on duty when killed.

According to court records, Makie Jones was charged with murder, firearms violations and other crimes as an adult over the weekend. He was being detained in a juvenile detention center without bail. The responding officers at the scene of the shooting saw Jones running toward Parrish Street and pursued him. Outlaw reported they were successful in arresting him, and were also able to find a phantom gun in a trash can on the same block.

As mayor Jim Kenney noted, the killing occurred during a weekend full of “outrageous” violence, including the killing of a 17-year-old while walking her dog, the shooting of a 64-year-old man while grocery shopping, and the shooting of an elderly man on a streetcar platform and the killing of a SEPTA official in a mistaken identity attack outside his home.

“It’s just unfathomable to think how many lives were impacted by gun violence,” Kenney said at a news conference.  “Violence anywhere in Philadelphia will always be unacceptable, and the Police Department is investigating this incident to ensure the people who are responsible are brought to justice,” Kenney added.

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The news conference also included remarks from District Attorney Larry Krasner, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and Parks and Recreation Director Kathryn Ott Lovell, reported Philadelphia Inquirer.

During a press conference, Fletcher’s relatives held up photos of her and described her as a “wonderful mother.”

“She loved everybody,” said the niece of Fletcher, Jean Washington-Fletcher. “She’d give you the shirt off her back. She’d give you the food off her table. I just want peace for my aunt.”

She added, “We want to see justice — not just for us but for her children. Tiffany Fletcher was a good woman to everybody. She was a friend, she was an advocate. And she worked hard to serve our own community, which we grew up in.”

According to John Walker, a Philadelphia Police Captain, she was a summer employee for Philadelphia Parks and Rec. The reason they kept her at the rec center was that she was a good, hard-working employee. She was very well liked too. “She’s a member of the community with family in the area.”

The shooting spree over the weekend continued to drive the city’s violence levels to new heights. The number of homicides so far is 4 percent higher than the record pace set last year, according to police statistics. 384 people have been killed so far.