Thanksgiving was definitely different this year, but it also came with quite a surprise for 100 seniors living in this Dallas community when a local church provided them with rental assistance.

This took place at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) in Dallas County during their Thanksgiving service, and they were certainly caught off guard as reported by KHOU.

Betty Young stated “I was totally surprised” because she was one of the 100 seniors who were invited to a special service provided by the church, and that’s where they were presented with something that surely will help them through another month.

Senior Pastor Rickie Rush told church members, “we give out turkeys. We get young people out of jail. Whatever God allows us to do. We’ve never before been able to say to somebody we don’t want you outside if we can help it.”

IBOC has pledged $100,000 that will go to 100 seniors as part of their Home for Thanksgiving program. It is designed to help with rent and this year processed through Precinct 1. It is meant for people aged 65 or older, or those with disabilities who might also need assistance.

Members of the church suggest this is all about helping those in the community, and during a year like this, it is certainly needed and welcome.

The IBOC is working directly with Dallas County Precinct 1 Judge Valencia Nash, Judge Thomas G. Jones, and Constable Tracey Gulley – three people whose team is sometimes responsible for providing people with eviction notices/orders.

Working directly with them might help identify those most in need to give them the assistance required to remain in their homes during tough times.

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