First quarter reports are in for the ratings and CNN didn’t land one single show in the top 20. The best CNN was able to do was come in 22nd place and have a few shows listed after that.

The top 20 ranks were dominated by shows on Fox News who had 14 of the top 20 spots. MSNBC had the other six spots in the top 20. CNN had zero shows rank in the top 20, but were able to land five ranking shows in positions 22-26.

For those in the top ranks, it was Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Five, The Ingraham Angle, and Special Report with Bret Baier who rounded out positions 1-5.

Rachel Maddow Show came in at position six.

The top spots can be seen in the chart below. One can see that CNN has nothing in top 20, ranks at 22-26, then isn’t seen on the charts again until position 33.

This doesn’t look good for CNN as many Americans criticize their programming for being too far to the left. Rachel Maddow was recently criticized for trying to slam Trump by saying that the NAVY hospital ship probably won’t arrive for a few weeks, but then it arrived in less than two weeks.

Maddow is constantly criticized by viewers for pushing a narrative, but she was still able to rank fairly high for MSNBC. Technically speaking, she does have millions of viewers, but those on Fox News appear to be ranking well above her in the top five.

Maddow would probably be more respected by those on the right or middle of politics if she focused more on facts and less on trying to find ways to shame President Donald Trump.

Sometimes, to many out there, it appears that her only content is finding ways to make the president look bad. At a time like this, the partisan hack act is just not helpful to Americans.

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