According to a report, employees of a chocolate shop and café in San Francisco’s Chinatown are being given lessons in kung fu to help empower them against theft and crime in the neighborhood. After the area experienced a string of thefts, the owner of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Café, Mindy Fong told the San Francisco Chronicle that she decided to hold kung fu classes for employees beginning in late March.

“Every day, there’s something. I’ve seen people being chased in the street because they’ve stolen something from the jewelry shops or camera shops,” said Fong. The paper reported, citing city police statistics, that in 2021, hate crimes against people of Asian descent spiked 567% in San Francisco, with 60 attacks.

While this year, fewer incidents have been reported in Chinatown, for residents and business owners crime is still a major concern, said a Fox News report. Scott McTaggert, who is Jade Chocolates’ executive chef, told the paper that he’s been practicing a style of Chinese kung fu called wing tsun, for the last six years, which focuses on self-defense.

“I will do everything I can do to make our employees feel safer and more empowered, so they can live their lives without being afraid,” said McTaggert. Although maybe it is not the best reason to start learning kung fu lessons, Fong said that she hopes that employees won’t ever find themselves in a position where they have to use self-defense.

“But if the day comes, they’ll be prepared,” Fong added.

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