Tornado causes Amazon warehouse to collapse in potential ‘mass casualty’ situation, 100 workers possibly trapped inside

ST. Louis: A large tornado as reportedly struck an Amazon warehouse near Pontoon Beach in Madison County. Reports say many workers, maybe 100 or so, could still be trapped inside and this could be a ‘mass casualty’ situation – however there is not a current confirmation on the numbers as this is still an ongoing story and details are still being gathered.


According to STLToday, “a large tornado had been reported in the Edwardsville area just after 8 p.m. The National Weather Service in St. Louis issued several reports of “radar-confirmed” tornadoes in the region.” The report continued, saying “the Illinois Department of Transportation’s local office also was reporting significant damage in the area of Interstate 270 and Illinois Route 111, where the Amazon warehouse was located, and urged drivers to avoid the area.”

This story just broke less than an hour ago at the time of publication and details could change as more information is reported.

Here are some videos and photographs of what happened with the Amazon warehouse and tornado in Illinois.

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