43 states set new unemployment records in April; all 50 states see increases

The economy took a major hit in April as 43 states record levels of unemployment. These states hit their new highest amount of people finding themselves unemployed since state series tracking in 1976 when unemployment tracking began in all states, being tracked by the government.


Federal data was released for the month of April and all 50 states recorded higher unemployment rates.

These numbers are based on federal reports and it suggests that tourist areas hit the hardest took the top three positions on the list of biggest hit states. Nevada, home of many casinos, was stricken with the highest unemployment rate. They recorded 28.2% unemployment, a massive increase from their previous numbers at only 3.6%, based on information from the federal data provided.

Michigan recorded 22.7% unemployment. Another state came close, with Hawaii having 22.3% unemployed. One trend to notice is that the three states with high levels of tourism.

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Hawaii’s landmarks and beaches and Nevada’s Las Vegas strip are known for tourist locations that likely generate high levels of travel, jobs, and revenue. Michigan boasts the Great Lakes.

There was also a decent drop off with many states still falling under 10% unemployment, however those states still recorded record numbers of people unemployed.

At least one state disputed the federal numbers as inaccurate and under-counting. It was the state of Connecticut who stated “that said the federal data must be considered ‘inaccurate’ and ‘severely underestimated.’

Connecticut claims their “true” unemployment rate hovers around 17.5%.

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