9-year-old girl raises over $20k to help Minneapolis rebuild

MINNEAPOLIS — a 9-year-old girl is being called a hero after she setup a fundraiser and has already generated $20k to help the city rebuild after the protests and other chaos nearly destroyed everything.

Her name is Kamryn Johnson and she setup a bracelet stand to help raise money for people affected, but she didn’t expect it to go this well.

“And then I told my mom my idea and she said that we should give the money to the people in Minneapolis, and I said that that would be a great idea,” she said, via CBS Local.

Kamryn and her friends put a table in the yard. They posted signs. And they sat there making bracelets for people. Many customers would buy several at a time, and Kamryn and her friends continued making more.

Next thing you know, they’ve got $20k to donate!

But how did they sell that many bracelets to make that much money?

Well, her dad, a known personality when it comes to local football, had talked about her fund raiser on the local sports talk radio station.

That’s when her sales boomed. She was making anywhere from $400-$800 per day!

It gets better though. Local well known sports figures donated quite a bit as well. Folks like Chad Greenway, Richard Pitino and Lindsay Whalen to name a few. Then the president of the University of Minnesota, Joan Gabel, even made a donation and a nice message to go with it.

Her father, Ron, wants to get it framed and expressed how hard his daughter has been working.

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