More than 100 Yale Law School students attempted to disrupt a bipartisan discussion on civil liberties, harassing guests and raising such a fuss that police were asked to escort speakers out of the building.

Monica Miller, a member of the American Humanist Association, and Alliance Defending Freedom’s member, Kristen Waggoner, a conservative group advocating religious liberty, spoke at the Yale Federalist Society’s March 10 discussion. In a Supreme Court decision addressing legal remedies for First Amendment infringement in 2021, both groups had adopted the same side. The panel’s goal, according to a Federalist Society member, was to show that atheists and Christians are able to find common ground on matters of free speech.

When Kate Stith, a law professor, started to welcome Waggoner, the opponents, who outnumbered the audience, stood in unison, waving signs attacking ADF, per report.

Stith reminded the students of Yale’s free speech laws, which ban any protest that interferes with speakers’ ability to be heard and community members’ ability to listen. According to footage obtained by the Free Beacon, when the demonstrators heckled her in response, many with their middle fingers up, she advised them to “grow up.”

The demonstrators erupted in jeers, shouting at the panelists and asserting that the commotion was caused by “free speech.”

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The protesters started stomping, shouting, clapping, singing, and pounding on the walls, making it extremely difficult to hear the panel.

The demonstrators were blocking the event’s only exit, and two Federalist Society members stated they were pushed and shoved as they tried to leave.

Heather Gerken, the Dean of Yale Law School, summoned the cops, who removed Waggoner and Miller from the building.