Former CNN president Jeff Zucker and former chief marketing officer Allison Gollust are two new big names that are embroiled in controversy and are working with a well-known public relations and crisis management pro in D.C. who has represented a slew of controversial and high-profile clients.

Internal investigations are being conducted for months already by CNN that have resulted in the firing of ex-anchor Chris Cuomo and the resignations of both Zucker and Gollust. These conducts have also revealed multiple issues relating to the three. After failing to disclose a consensual relationship with Gollust, Zucker resigned earlier this month, while Gollust resigned this week at the conclusion of the internal investigation. Gollust allegedly coordinated with her former boss, Andrew Cuomo, on questions he’d be asked on-air on CNN.

Risa Heller, CEO of Risa Heller Communications, is now working as a spokesperson for Allison Gollust, as well as Zucker, per report.

Heller first worked in Sen. Chuck Schumer‘s office and has a big reputation. She worked within the Trump world, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, as well as with former New York Governor David Paterson. Her resume also contains names like disgraced former U.S. representative Anthony Weiner and disgraced former Match Group CEO Greg Blatt. Even Harvey Weinstein ended up on this list, as Heller worked as his spokesperson.

While Zucker’s spokesperson is TJ Ducklo, who joined Heller Communications after resigning from the Biden White House press office for threatening a reporter.

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