YouTube has announced that it will now remove videos that dispute the Joe Biden victory in the 2020 election over President Donald Trump.

The video platform will target videos that suggest widespread voter fraud had played a part in the election, causing Biden to win, and in many cases, sharing false statements and false claims without indisputable evidence.

YouTube wants to remove misleading videos that make false claims suggesting that President Donald Trump won the election, when the electoral votes were in Joe Biden’s favor, despite some not yet being certified and Trump having several legal challenges in the process. YouTube has also suggested that enough states have called the election to give Joe Biden the title of President-elect.

Supreme Court also rejected a Republican effort to block PA election results from being certified. This will make it even more difficult for Republican efforts to turn the election towards Trump with PA having 20 electoral votes.

YouTube previously defended the decision to leave these videos posted, particularly if they were from what’s defined as an “authoritative news organization” as stated on The Verge.

A video from One America News Network claimed that “Trump won” the election and will likely be targeted for removal, if it has not already been taken down.

YouTube’s goal is to refrain from being a platform that shares misleading and incorrect information regarding the results of the election.

Backlash and mixed reviews over determining what content gets to stay and what should be removed is to be expected.

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