Whoopi Goldberg will not be seen on “The View ” for the time being and here’s why

WATCH the video:

The 66-year-old lady will take a break from the program to feature in the forthcoming Amazon Prime show adaption of Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys,” which will begin production soon.

Joy Behar announced the news on Monday’s broadcast. “If you’re curious where Whoopi went, she’s currently working on a movie and will return once it’s completed. As a result, she will be absent for a period of time “she explained.

Bird Woman, as God of Birds, will be played by the EGOT winner in “Anansi Boys.” Her character seeks vengeance on Anansi, the Trickster God of Stories, which harmed her in the past, per report.

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“I’ve been a long-time fan of this novel, and then when Neil Gaiman notified me it was being produced for the cinema, I did all I could to get a role┬áto help bring Anansi and his powers to a wider audience,” Goldberg said of her involvement in a news release.

“When I initially envisaged ‘Anansi Boys,’ years ago, I pictured Whoopi Goldberg playing Bird Woman,” Gaiman said.” He revealed that when he met Goldberg in 2018 at York City Comic Con, she had recently completed “Anansi Boys” and that it was one of her favorite novels. “Things might feel pre-planned and unavoidable at times, and we are quite fortunate. She’ll be terrifying.”

Goldberg’s hiatus from “The View” comes two months after she had been suspended for two weeks from the daily show in February following the outcry over statements she made on camera regarding the Holocaust.

Goldberg got backlash from her co-hosts and subsequently from Twitter users for declaring that the Holocaust, which resulted in the deaths of 6 million Jews as well as other victims, was not “about race” during an appearance on the ABC daytime talk program in late January.