Whoopi Goldberg suffers irate meltdown directed at co-host (video)

Whoopi Goldberg suffered an irate meltdown targeted towards her co-host on The View. It was Whoopi yelling back at Tara Setmayer for criticizing the elites in Hollywood and their reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. However, since Whoopi Goldberg is considered an elite from Hollywood, she got offended by the comment and went off.


WATCH it happen:

Whoopi Goldberg said something somewhat controversial in her response to Setmayer: “I’m just — I just want to stop with this ‘elite’ stuff because, you know, a lot of us work for a living. We work. We collect a check. We got families. We try to do the same thing, the good stuff that everybody else tries to do… And it really pisses me off when people start to talk about people who work in Hollywood, not just the actors, but all the other folks. So please when you are talking about actors, be specific. If you’re pissed off about somebody or how they act, don’t put it on all of us, cause that’s like saying all Black people like chicken.”

If you haven’t heard, Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars. Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, because that’s what comedians do, and Will Smith overreacted by hitting him on stage.

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The Internet exploded and it made people remember that the Oscars existed, because it’s just another elitist award show where rich people pat themselves on the back and the rest of us normal people could not care less.

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