White House prediction: expect very, very painful two weeks

It’s time to prepare for the worst, according to predictions coming from the White House. They’re saying up to 100,000 to 240,000 lives could be lost from the illness that originated in China.

President Trump himself is suggesting that a surge is coming, referring now to it as a plague, and wants us prepared for what he says could be a “very, very painful two weeks.”

As of now, the United States has the most cases, more than any other country. We have “184,000 confirmed infections according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.” (CNBC)

New York has 75,795 of those confirmed cases, likely due to overpopulation and having so many people living on top of each other. In fact, this is more than China’s Hubei province, where this whole fiasco started in the first place. Critics, however, suggest that China has not reported their true numbers, which some say might be even higher than anyone thinks.

When President Trump gave his warning, he said, “when you look at night, the kind of death that has been caused by this invisible enemy, it’s incredible.”

This virus has spread across the globe, sparking closures of sports, schools, non-essential businesses, and more or less shutting down the country to a bare minimal.

In hindsight, the government acted in “good faith” with a stimulus package, but when people really sit down and ask who got the most money, they will soon realize how of little importance we the people truly are.

$1,200, in many cities, doesn’t even cover rent for someone living in New York who’s forced to stay home to help clear this thing up.

White House predictions say this will get worse, so the best everyone can do is stay strong and stay home.

Frank Bojazi
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