Watch Dogs Legion 20 Minute Gameplay

Ready for some sweet London accents? Well here’s 20 minutes of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay. No commentary, just the game and Bagley chipping away at us with a few F bombs and a handful of bollocks throughout. This walkthrough gameplay video was titled at 4K PC Ultra. Streaming this at 2160p looked fairly insane and overly pleasant to look at from a graphics perspective.


About two thirds of the way through the trailer, you’re flying on a drone and causing a large truck to drive into someone and the wall. Almost reminded me of playing GTAV and all the times you take the vehicles for a little sidewalk action. I’m not sure there’s any honking at the ladies and pulling them into an alley while listening to some 80’s music like in Vice City… or is there?

Later in the Watch Dogs Legion gameplay video is a character named Harry who seriously reminds me of Jason Statham’s voice, but after looking around Google – I couldn’t find anything to verify it was him or not. It sounds like him quite a bit, but I do think Statham’s voice is a bit deeper. Harry’s voice actor sure has the accent down though.

Legions takes place in London and you’re part of a “resistance” taking back the city to give to the people. Sort of sounds like some of the protests and actions we see in real life, but clearly not as high tech.

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The Ubisoft website highlights this as one of the selling points:

“Play as Anyone. Make Your Resistance Your Own. Where will you find your army? How about everywhere? Every Londoner has a reason to fight back. Play as literally any character – a bartender, an ex-spy, a graffiti artist, a fallen boxer, a well-connected lawyer, a stark raving mad grandma, anyone.”

Anyone? Hmmmm… that could be fun.

Watch Dogs Legion release date is October 29, 2020 as shown on Ubisoft’s page for the game.

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