Waisman: If Socialists ever put me on lock-down, I won’t be calm about it

Most everyone who was around, and who possessed self awareness remembers where and what they were doing the morning 19 years ago on September 11, 2001. The day we learned two commercial planes had struck the very foundation of everything that stands for freedom, liberty and capitalism, The Twin Towers, The World Trade Center, The heart and soul of what makes America America.


Living here in Silicon Valley I didn’t hear about what was happening until my wife woke me up to tell me something really bad was transpiring. That’s one of thousands of times my wife has woken me up in the past 24 years. But this one is the one I will never forget. I immediately reached for the remote control since smartphones weren’t even close to being a reality and what I saw was like something out of a Hollywood movie. It really didn’t hit home until the moment I went out in the yard to have my morning coffee and the silence was eerie except for those two f-15 fighter planes speeding by overhead. That’s unheard of in this area.

For some reason what will always stick in my head even more is the night of September 10, 2001. The final night we still had the America we all knew. My wife and I watch TV, and I even recall what we saw. It was a rerun of one of my favorite TV shows… Friends.

Many people might ask, “Why do you remember 9/10/2001. And I always reply “Simple, it was the final time I could go meet visiting family members and friends at the airport gate, it was the last time I was allowed to publicly state how I really felt about terrorists without repercussions from the PC police, and it was the final night we Americans truly felt safe and secure living in our glorious nation where we thought we were impervious to what nations like Israel have suffered on a daily basis for over 70 years.

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But now we have another night to remember, and this one might even be more crucial. Here in the once golden state of California it was March 15, 2020. The day before the official lock-down “order,” due to the Wuhan China Virus.  And you can rest assured we will never get back to what and who we were on March 15, 2020. We have always lived thinking that nothing will get to us, we have come to accept that only terrorists will, as we learned 19 years ago. But that doesn’t hold true anymore.The truth now is that we aren’t protected against anything and borders, or distances, don’t matter.

Anything can get to us, and we have now learned that. Many of our fellow neighbors have shown us the best humanity has to offer by stepping up and helping to keep America going in a time when so many of us feel so lost and void of hope. And others have demonstrated the worst of humanity by resorted to hoarding the bare necessities which generations of Americans have come to consider something that will always be available, and at a cheap price. Now those essentials are a commodity not unlike how many of us law abiding citizens here in California have grown to consider our guns and ammo, after degenerate politicians without the consent of the citizens of this state, have spent decades chipping away from us.

Today we face an uncertain future, perhaps even more uncertain than what we faced 19 years ago. A future where many see a government which has now seen that Americans, for right or wrong reasons, are willing to give up their basic freedoms for the common good.

I for one am for this lock-down if it saves lives, but at the same time I’m terrified at what the government will learn because of it. I’m a huge supporter of our president and trust him, but the next president can very well be a Marxist along the lines of a Bernie Sanders or an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And if a self professed and proud Socialist like them would decide to put us on lock-down, I for one wouldn’t be as calm and collected as I am today.

Stay healthy my friends!

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