Vice President Kamala Harris is being accused of disrespecting the United States military after a recent video showed her walking past honor guards without paying them any mind.

Harris is now facing backlash for not saluting the military as she approaches and boards Air Force 2. Many other vice presidents, particularly Mike Pence, and even current President Joe Biden, are often seen saluting the military as a sign of respect.

This is a tradition that dates back to the Ronald Reagan years, but the salute itself is not part of any proper protocol placed on paper.

Even though presidents and vice presidents do this out of respect, it apparently was forgotten by Harris who, according to critics, would rather fluff her hair.

Peter Velz wrote, “The @VP finishes up her joint visit to Atlanta with @POTUS and boards AF2 on her way back Washington, DC.

Velz posted the video that shows Harris ignoring the military and walking by them without any sign of respect.

WATCH Kamala Harris walk by military without paying respects:

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