Are you just now getting back into Destiny 2 after ditching it because you got sick of grinding for the same weapons and couldn’t find anyone to raid with. Oh, that’s just me. Never mind. Either way, here’s a Beyond Light video from Destiny that we all need to watch before we dive nose first into the ice galaxy and stasis.

Come on, Guardian, your light depends on it! Better get blessed by the Traveler on the way, too. We’ll be wielding some icicles in this one, so hopefully you’re prepared. Annnnnnd hopefully Crucible isn’t completely broken with people sliding all over on ice.

None of us will ever escape the endless cycle of war between Light and Dark unless we look for truth beyond the tale.

And as usual, Paul Tassi was on this before we were, and the dark music behind it is probably my favorite.

They have just debuted a new quasi-animated video that gives the “basics” of the set-up for the story of Beyond Light, focused mainly on the Traveler and the Darkness, the Fallen and us as Guardians. It’s pretty barebones, and it’s not going into anything else on Europa like Clovis Bray and the exo and all that, but it’s worth watching as a two-minute refresher all the same if you’re not super familiar with what’s been going on in Destiny, but want to jump into this expansion.


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