What utter garbage! You, bigoted moronic, Manhattan leftist, elite lying sacks of crap: Ted Cruz says about the NY Times

Republican Ted Cruz calls out the NY Times, calling them moronic, liars, elitists, bigoted, and sacks of crap and garbage for what they were trying to spin. This took place on “The Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast while he talked with Michael Knowles, of the Daily Wire.
Cruz said this because the New York Times published a story suggested that interracial marriage could be overturned thanks to the leaked Roe v. Wade decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. However, there’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest that and it’s nothing more than leftist speculation that puts egg on their faces, because it seems they are only trying to appease their audience with very extreme talking points about things that are likely to never happen.
Here’s what Cruz said specifically while mentioning the opinion article by NY Times, which was titled: “If Roe Falls, Is Same-Sex Marriage Next?”
Cruz said: “It will strike down gay marriage and interracial marriage. The New York Times went so far. The editorial board of The New York Times suggested that there were multiple states in the union that if they were allowed to, would ban interracial marriage, what utter garbage! You, bigoted moronic, Manhattan leftist, elite lying sacks of crap!”
Knowles asked: “How do you really feel?
Cruz continued: “Yeah, it, it kind of pisses me off… And I would note, by the way, that these racist leftists of The New York Times, there may be no one on planet earth, whom they despise more than Justice Clarence Thomas. He is in an interracial marriage…
“I suspect Clarence Thomas would be quite surprised. If he were doing something to strike down interracial marriage, but the only people who imagine interracial marriage is gonna be struck down is radical leftists, because they’ve never actually met a conservative voter…
So they think we’re all right, bigoted klansmen. But here’s the tell on this, when the Democrats and the press are not defending their positions on abortion, it’s because they know their positions on abortion are wildly out of the mainstream. So anytime you hear them talking about contraception or marriage it’s cuz they’re trying to change the subject.
The description on the podcast episode stated: “With no one left to out-sleaze but themselves, America’s bigoted media elites up their game. Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles straight from the Senate floor on the heels of the vote that defeated the radical Left’s national abortion agenda—and the amount of daylight between the reporting and the facts is blinding…
“And as the far-left Democrat machine sics its intimidation mobs on the families of our nation’s top justices, the media goes for a second KO: “mostly peaceful,” anyone? In the mailbag, your favorite principled podcasters look at the ideological composition (and future) of the GOP, address rumblings about “national divorce,” and reveal how they take their coffee.”
Listen to Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles on the podcast here:

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