The Last Ride documentary, aired on WWE Network, gives many wrestling fanatics a backstage glance at The Undertaker’s life. Born Mark William Calaway, he became a legend under the title The Undertaker. 

Calaway’s career started in 1987, under the name Texas Red. Later on, he signed a contract with then World Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment. On October 19, 1990, he debuted as The Undertaker in Superstars. From then on, he became a solid figure in wrestling history. 

The Undertaker’s most famous move is The Tombstone Piledriver, wherein he uses his shoulder to carry his opponent. With the signature pose of positioning the other for a plunge before slamming the man on the ground. He then makes his creepy move of folding his fallen opponent’s arms, known as the Rest in Peace pin. Such a move will bring many children flashbacks, too young to even watch the show, and get scared of him as the bell rings. Rolling his eyes only to see the whites and showing his tongue will give you nightmares. 

However, his other famous move, which became the name of his documentary, is The Last Ride. The Last Ride starts with a regular powerbomb. The difference with this move is that he puts an extra lift, providing more force before he slams the person down. 

Undertaker’s expansive career has been nothing but legendary. He has a more than impressive undefeated streak in WrestleMania and numerous world championship victories. After forty-four years, he is ready to retire, for now. At the end of The Last Ride, he said, “I’m at a point that this time the cowboy really rides away.” 

He stated that he is satisfied with his career and that The Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at the WrestleMania 36 is the best way of ending it. The Boneyard Match is critically acclaimed by sports journalists. In the article by GameRant, the author Dalton Cooper said, “The Boneyard Match was notable for its innovative cinematic take on professional wrestling, and earned a great deal of critical acclaim from pro wrestling journalists at the time.”

There is a chance that this won’t be the last. While the Undertaker is reluctant to go back to the ring anytime soon, he is still under a WWE contract. Just like the others, there’s a chance that Vince McMahon will ask him to come back for another match. 

There is no other man who can be compared to The Undertaker and his achievements in his forty-four-year long career. Fans can console themselves with the fact that The Undertaker will become a permanent fixture in the future WWE 2K video games. You can still keep tabs on him on Twitter. He even endorsed his documentary, tweeting, “You can never appreciate how long the road was until you’ve driven to the end. #TheLastRide @WWENetwork.” 

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