I am uncancelable: Kid Rock explains what makes him different

Musician Kid Rock says he can’t be canceled and explains why during an interview with Tucker Carlson. Kid Rock’s reason for not being canceled is quite simple – he simply does not give a f**k and he’s not tied to any big corporation who would try to punish him.


Tucker Carlson specifically asked Kid Rock: “Why haven’t you been canceled? Like, people aren’t allowed to say what they think. You are.”

Kid Rock replies: “I am uncancelable.”

Tucker asks: “Why’s that?”

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Kid Rock tells Tucker: “Because I don’t give a f-ck. I’m not in bed with any big corporate things at the end of the day. There’s nobody I’m beholden to — no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

Kid Rock has a new song called “We The People” and it’s specifically about President Joe Biden, criticizing his leadership and weakness in the White House. Part of the song says, “We the people, Let’s go, Brandon” and the song also says: “Wear your mask, take your pills, now a whole generation is mentally ill. But C-VID’s near. It’s coming to town. We got to act quick, shut our borders down Joe Biden does, the media embraces. Big Don does it, and they call him racist…” and then later it says “If you down with love and wanna make things better, all we gotta do is just come together, weather the storm, and take my hand. Then follow my lead to the promised land. Cause we the people, we gotta unite.”

WATCH Kid Rock’s music video:

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