UFC 4 Trailer reveals Backyard Fighting and more

EA Sports returns to the spotlight after the trailer for UFC 4 reveals backyard fighting and a bit more info on the latest released, just two years after the previous installment. 


Sporting News reports that a few media outlets were selected to be a part of the virtual presentation. They had scoops on the newest gameplay. UFC 4 has new venues, a dark mode, and players can pre-order DLC fighters. The list includes heavyweight titlist Tyson fury and unified boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. 

Fans thought that UFC 4 would be released this holiday season and be available for the next generation of consoles; PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This rumor proves to be false. EA Sports UFC 4 will premiere on August 14 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release for next-gen consoles is still unknown. 

The cover athletes for UFC 4 are middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and “BMF” champion Jorge Masvidal. 

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Game Modes are: 

  • Fight Now (Knockout Mode, Stand and Bang, and Custom)
  • Career Mode
  • Tournaments
  • Custom Events
  • Online World Championships (online only)
  • Blitz Battles (online only)
  • Quick Fight (online only)
  • Invite (online only)

For career mode, players will have the opportunity to connect with other players through social media. There is also a “Fight Now” mode to customize the game to suit your preference. 

Players can compete on the World Championship Mode where they climb the leader-boards and become champion. Lastly, the Blitz Mode presents a rapid-fire tournament to up the stakes. 

There are four newly added environments for UFC 4:

  • The Backyard
  • The Kumite
  • UFC Apex
  • Action Avenue

UFC 4 also offers more customizable options compared to UFC 3. The article reported, “There are twelve fighter archetypes that will define the foundation of your chosen fighting style. Everyone will be able to put their personalized stamp on their fighter with over 1,600 new pieces of gear (including masks) and over 120 emotes.” 

EA Sports included non-MMA players such as Bruce Lee, Tyson Fury, and Anthony Joshua. 

If you pre-order EA Sports UFC 4, you’ll be given two customization packs. The Backyard Customization Pack includes jean print shorts, backyard camo shirt, backyard MMA gloves, skull cap, and a gold chain. The Kumite Customization Pack comes with Kumite gladiator shorts, Kumite cobra shirt, rope gloves, cobra mask, and a Kumite necklace. 

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