A spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney’s office said Wednesday that two prosecutors involved in an investigation of ex-President Donald Trump and his firm, the Trump Organization, have resigned.

Carey Dunne, a veteran in mafia prosecution who was recruited to help with the investigation, has left the office, as has Mark Pomerantz, who championed the legal battle to get the former president’s tax returns and tax-related documents all the way to the Supreme Court twice and won.

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s spokesperson Danielle Filson stated that the investigation will continue and that they were grateful for the services.  The Manhattan district attorney’s office was handed over to Bragg in January after the former D.A, Cyrus Vance, chose not to run for re-election, as stated.

The resignations occurred after Bragg began to pull away from the inquiry and had halted grand jury testimony, according to the New York Times, citing two people.

Trump has not been charged with any crime in the case and has referred to the inquiry as a “witch hunt” that is politically motivated. Last year, the Trump Organization and its ex-chief financial officer were charged with a 15-year plot to compensate top executives of Trump’s company “off the books” and assist them in avoiding paying taxes, according to authorities. Both have entered not guilty pleas.

At the time, Dunne said the plan was executed by the company’s senior executives, who benefited from the situation at the expense of federal taxpayers and the state. Pomerantz was hired to work on the case because of his experience with complex financial crimes, and he participated in witness interviews, according to numerous sources.

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