GOP Sen. goes public to ask Americans about Soaring Gas Prices

At least one GOP Senator is hitting the streets and asking Americans what they think about the soaring gas prices and impact it will have on us. It was Alabama’s own Sen. Tommy Tuberville who dropped a new video from his series called “Coach on the Street” and he was in the DC area talking with folks about the surge at the pump.
Here’s what they had to say… watch the video:


Here’s a transcript of the video with Sen. Tommy Tuberville for further reading:

SEN. TOMMY TUBERVILLE (R-AL): Hello, Coach Tommy Tuberville here. You know, we’re seeing record high gas prices at the pump and they’re affecting everyone, from families to businesses. One thing is for sure, Americans need relief and they need it now. We need to stop buying oil from convicts and criminals, and unleash American Energy. So, I’m going to hit the streets to see how real Americans are affected by these out of control prices at the pump, and if they think President Biden needs to do more to make the United States of America energy independent. So, let’s go.
Well, here we go, $5.19 a gallon. Joe Biden, you’ve got to be proud.
CITIZEN: Diesel, I saw some trucks. They’re filling up the tank. It’s like a thousand, eleven hundred dollars.
TUBERVILLE: We could be producing 100 percent here in this country alone and we wouldn’t have to lean on anybody else. This time last year at this same pump, I was paying around $3 a gallon. Now, it’s $5.19. I just filled up and it was almost double this time last year.
CITIZEN 2: Yeah it’s crazy. I was just thinking about all of it.
TUBERVILLE: Two years ago when I moved here, it was $3 a gallon. Now. It’s $5.19.
CITIZEN 2: That’s crazy.
TUBERVILLE: Do you want to pay $5.19 or do you want to pay $3?
CITIZEN 2: $3.
TUBERVILLE: Thank you very much.
CITIZEN 2: Yeah, of course.
TUBERVILLE: You know, the problem with our gas prices is everything else is going up, you know, transportation, other supplies.
CITIZEN 3: Or a loaf of bread, eggs, milk. It’s all going up.
TUBERVILLE: Yeah. At the end of the day, don’t y’all think we should be energy independent? That we should dig our own oil? You agree with me, right?
CITIZEN: 100%.
TUBERVILLE: Yeah, I can’t believe I am paying $2 more a gallon than I was this time last year.
CITIZEN: Yeah. I can’t believe it either but, you know, maybe some things will change, guys like you.
TUBERVILLE: Yeah, what do y’all think about these high gas prices?
CITIZEN: They could be better.
TUBERVILLE: What do you think about high gas prices?
CITIZEN: They are a killer, yes
TUBERVILLE: Think we ought to be energy independent?
CITIZEN: Oh totally.
TUBERVILLE: Thank you. What do you think about these high energy prices, high gas prices?
CITIZEN: Not a fan ever. I’m a school teacher. I need, I need every penny I can.
TUBERVILLE: So the message is clear: We need to pump our own oil, American Energy, and one person can handle it and he lives down on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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