A lifelong Democrat turned Republican has had enough of his “Trump 2020” sign has been stolen at least six times. The Massachusetts man, named John Oliveria, has placed electric wire around his new “Trump 2020” sign in hopes to prevent it from being stolen like the previous six signs.

He said that “horse wire carries a charge” and “it will certainly send a message” as he is clearly tired of his personal property being tampered with or stolen.

Oliveria is a Navy veteran says he had at least six of the “Trump 2020” signs stolen from his yard and that he’s had enough of the thievery.

As quoted by 6 ABC News “that’s what our country is about, different opinions and being able to voice those opinions in a fair and equitable manner… You have to be able to respect each other, because we’ll never get anything accomplished if we don’t.”

After adding the electric wire, it seems like his sign has been safe for at least two weeks. However, that’s not Oliveria’s only sign. He has another yard sign that encourages citizens to vote and he claims that sign has been left alone.

6 ABC reports on the legality of using electric fences in residential areas of Massachusetts and says it all depends on the particular regulations and laws of the specific community. One can imagine if that anyone, or any animals, are injured by the electric fence, that there might be some sort of legal action as a result.

Below is the video pertaining to the electric fence around the “Trump 2020” yard sign.

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