President Trump as caused a bit of confusion after telling White House staffers to ignore an email regarding their departure as Joe Biden’s administration prepares to take over.

White House officials had emailed Trump’s staff members about the proper procedure for leaving their job after January 4th, because Biden’s campaign will be taking over on January 20, and there’s simply a protocol to follow.

However, Trump sent a followup email to White House staffers telling them to disregard the previous email. He also stated that more information will be forthcoming, leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on.

Trump’s email said, as stated by the NY Times, “Please disregard the below message. Updated information will be shared in the coming days,” read the second email, both of which were obtained by The New York Times.”

In most cases when the president makes way for the president-elect, they follow a departure process and departure dates that give the current administration time to make their way out, as the new administration makes their way in. It should be a smooth process leading up to the inauguration date in later January, but Trump’s new directive to ignore the departure email might throw everyone for quite a loop.

It remains unclear what further information Trump will share with staffers.

On the other hand, President Trump and First Lady Melania gave their remarks during the 2020 National Christmas Tree Lighting today.

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