At the end of April, former President Donald Trump announced the endorsements of numerous elected officials, including Juliet Harvey-Bolia, a Republican state representative from New Hampshire, during a crowded rally in Manchester.

WATCH DeSantis respond to critical Trump comments:

On Tuesday, Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stated that Harvey-Bolia is now endorsing DeSantis. She is among four New Hampshire legislators, alongside Reps. Brian Cole, Lisa Smart, and Debra DiSimone, who Never Back Down identified as switching their support from Trump to DeSantis. The super PAC unveiled endorsements from 51 lawmakers in the state who pledged their support to DeSantis.

However, Harvey-Bolia sees it differently. In a telephone interview, she clarified that she is endorsing both candidates. She believes that DeSantis shows promise for the future, while she still considers Trump to be great at present, reported CBS News.

The dual endorsements by Harvey-Bolia and others have added an intriguing element as DeSantis seeks to demonstrate momentum as he nears an official presidential bid. Recently, his super PAC announced endorsements from 37 Iowa legislators just before he embarked on a three-city tour of the state.

Furthermore, NBC News has confirmed that DeSantis has invited his top donors to meetings in Miami on May 25 in conjunction with his anticipated campaign launch. Over 100 donors and supporters are expected to attend a briefing with DeSantis and his senior team, according to a source familiar with the plans.

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